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College Bound Wildcats are Eager Readers and Writers!

“Today's Readers are Tomorrow's Leaders.”

California Science Center field trip

Science and Engineering Fair Winners and Honorable Mentions at Westside Park Elementary 2015/2016

Lower Grades (TK – 3rd Grade):
1st Place: Mr. Hernandez’s 1st grade class for “Sink or Float”
2nd Place: Areli Ramirez, Ms. Tunque’s 3rd grade class for “Solar Power Windmill”
3rd Place: Andres Noble and Jose Gomez, Mrs. Holman’s and Mrs. Garcia’s 2nd grade classes for “Milky Plastic”

Upper Grades (4 – 6th grade):
1st Place: “Keeping Ice from Melting” by James Pegollo in Mr. Beal’s 5th grade class.
2nd Place: “Germs on Hands” by Javier Robledo and Ezekiel Newton in Mrs. Woodruff’s  6th grade class.
3rd Place: “Desalinate Sea Water” by Manuel Soto in Ms. Vasquez’s 5th grade class

Westside Park Career Day

Ms. Vasquez’s 5th grade class had its annual Career Day event at WSP on Jan. 13, 2016. Career Day was created to help students understand that language, math, science, and social studies are important to learn for real-life job opportunities and a rewarding future.

It is never too early for students of all ages to think about their future. It broadens their perspective and further motivates them to pursue productive careers.

Thank You!

Today we had an assembly to recognize and thank Stater Brothers and Desert Communities Region of the Inland Empire United Way for their generosity. Thank you.

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School Song

We're Westside Park Model Wildcats,
And we'll never, ever forget that.
We are the best school,
we follow the Golden Rule.
We are Mrs. Crawford's family.

We're not problem makers.
We're problem solvers and shakers.
We're Westside Park Model Wildcats,
And we'll never, ever forget that.